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    Edits in Photoshop CC not saving back into Lightroom (visible in Develop but NOT in Library module)

    Mel Hughes Level 1

      I have LR CC 2015 and PS CC 2015.  I have NEF files that I select "edit in Photoshop" where I use the clone stamp tool and lasso/content aware fill to remove some undesirable elements.  I save the changes and a TIFF file is created in a stack with the original back in Lightroom.  In some cases, however, not all of the edits made in PS appear in the TIF file back in LR in the Library module.  To complicate things, if I switch to the Develop module, I can see ALL of the edits.  Switching back to the Library module, they disappear again.  IF I "edit in" again, and choose "Original" or "Edit Copy with LR adjustments", PS shows ALL of the original edits.  Resaving does NOT fix this.  I have tried to make a few more edits and then resave.  This sometimes fixes the issue; sometimes not.


      Please help.  I have been using this workflow for years without issue and now I can't trust that my PS edits are being saved by the program.