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    Shape knocks out image

    Nilla3321 Level 1

      So I don't have much experience with printers but I was hoping you guys might be able to shed some light on some printing issues I keep having.


      I'm using InDesign CC 2014.2 on a PC and I provided the printer with an exported PDF using a mildly edited (marks, bleeds and image ppi changes) version of [High Quality Print].


      Anyways, anywhere that I have a shape behind an image the shape is knocking out the image and leaving a white spot. When I saw it I figured right away it might have something to do with over print but this doesn't show when I try overprint preview. Is there something funky about shapes created in InDesign that causes this? I can make an image version of it in Photoshop as a work-around but this feels like a settings thing.


      Thanks for any insight!


      (Slightly off topic) We're also printing a short run of a smaller catalog which is going digital instead of offset and it seems to be printing much more "magenta-y" is there some blanket change I can apply to my document to fix this? The guy we're working with says it's something I have to do and he doesn't know pre-press apparently.