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    PS Lightroom CC 2015.1.1 importing from card in random order rather than sequential

    David Polzine

      Macbook Pro 15" Early 2011 Mac OS X 10.10.5 16GB RAM

      Lightroom 2015.1.1 Camera Raw 9.1.1

      Catalog on MacBook Internal

      Photos on Firewire 800 external

      USB 2.0 Card Reader

      Nikon D300 RAW files


      It seems there has been a change to either the import behavior and/or the View -> Sort -> default settings.


      I have been using LR since a pre 1.0 beta and haven't changed the default setting above for many versions if ever so I can't say for certain what the default setting was. Today I imported a batch of RAW images which included a number of burst sequences such as cliff divers, surfers. When I import from a card I also change the name to something logical like "surfers" and append the date and a sequence number using a preset [customName][date (YYYYMMDD)][sequence (begining with 1)].


      Prior to the latest PS CC Lightroom upgrade that has always resulted in incoming images being displaying AND being named in sequential order i.e. Surfer.date.1=man on cliff; Surfer.date.2=man in mid air; Surfer.date.3=man entering water.


      Today however it resulted in the images both displaying in the Library and being numbered out of order i.e. Surfer.date.3=man entering water; Surfer.date.1=man on cliff; Surfer.date.2=man in mid air.


      When I went looking for a cause, I found my View -> Sort set to "Added Order" and changing it to "Capture Time" but got the same results which I compared to the numbering sequence of the raw files on the card and they were still out of sequence!


      I think I can fix it by changing the custom name template to use the camera sequence number instead of a Lightroom Driven one but this is definitely a bug in the latest version.


      Can anyone tell me how to file a bug with the Lightroom Team?