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    I cannot import .psd files


      Hello. Could someone please help me with this problem? 

      I cannot import .psd files. My AE shows these msgs right after I turn on the program.... I'm an animation student; this is really important to me!Q__Q




      If I drag psd files into AE regardless of these msgs, I still cannot import them at all. I've already tried to reinstall my AE, but it didn't work. In addition, someone already tested the psd file for me to make sure it was not the psd's problem.

      I'm using Windows 7. This AE is from our school's Creative Cloud bundle.

      RAM 4GB

      I've been try my best to look for some answers....

      I went to a VFX facebook community, somebody gave me this:


      I tried to make these .exe programs explicit allowed in my Firewalls then reinstalled already, but things were the same.... Other then that, I do not know how to check other things. I am really poor at technologies and I really need your help!


      I have already asked technicians from our school. He had no clue about this, he had helped me to check with the solution I posted above, but it didn't work.

      He said that this is a very specific problem and he suggested me to come here for help!

      I have QuickTime installed on my computer and it is up to date.