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    Does error 40 on Canon affect quality of Lightroom image export?


      I am just, in shock.


      Let's say, I have 300 hundred pictures.


      The first 149 look fine on their export, with or without natural light from the original source. With or without colour and lighting edit. Come what may, THE EXPORTS ARE FINE.


      But the second half of the 150 pictures, look terrible on their export! From RAW to Jpg something happens that it is a mess!  With or without natural light, with or without colour and light touch up. The export is chaos! Dull, blurry. Crazy.


      I have a Canon 7D and I had the error 40 showing up halfway through my shooting, let's say, right after picture 149 was taken.


      What now?   I still have the photos on my Canon. Is there something that I could've accidentally switched on or off?