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    Mp4 synch problems with Premiere Elements from a Skype video recording! Lots of them. Help


      I have Premiere Elements 13, and I had to use an MP4 file that was recorded via Evaer from a Skype video. I will be doing a lot of videos that have to be recorded from a Skype video call (I do video interviews). The mp4 works perfectly, until I put it into Elements 13, and it has synch problems. It gets more and more out of synch, then it goes back into synch, etc. And I had to try to repair them all manually, but then the synch would go out somewhere else. I recorded an mp4 from my camera and edited with no problems, but this is a nightmare. No matter how many times I fixed them manually, there were always more cropping up. I have not found a fix for this. Does Premiere Pro work better? Is there a fix? Do I need to get a different program? Thanks.