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    ePub 3.0 Nav TOC not clickable

    Viva7 Level 1

      After successfully completing my first ePub project (which included a multilevel navigational TOC), I'm experiencing a problem with a new project which I'm unable to solve on my own.


      For some reason, the navigational TOC (only one level) in my ePub functions as expected when using iBooks, but clicking on any TOC entry when using Adobe Digital Editions does absolutely nothing. No navigation takes place.


      I've played around with what seems like hundreds of different combinations of settings. The only thing I've learned is that exporting as a ePub 2.0.1 solves the issue.


      What can I do to get my TOC to work properly when exporting as ePub 3.0? I've done this before on a different project, and can't see why it is not working as expected with the current project.


      Thanks for any pointers!