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    InDesign CC 2015 problem keeping captions with images using ePub3


      I am working on an eBook in InDesign CC 2015 exporting to ePub 3. I am using a booked document of 30 chapters and 500 pages (in print). The files are all synced to the master chapter for reading all paragraph, character, and object styles. I am anchoring images in text using Above Line Anchors.  image box ha 1 pi above and no space below; caption has 3 pts above and 1 pica below. Caption is centered under image. When I export to ePub3 in many instances the photo and text become rasterized. Then I have to go back and release anchor, re-apply object style, and assign new object properties to the group. Otherwise the caption and text don't stay together. The ePub export is set for output to Re-flowable and to "Ignore Object Export Options" is NOT checked.


      Anyone have this problem?