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    question on speed


      I am concerned that using Creative Cloud that speed at the desktop will be limited by internet bandwidth.  If the applications were resident on your desktop machine, that would increase speed tremendously.  How does this work?

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is one of the biggest misconceptions of the Adobe Cloud.


          The Cloud apps download, install and run on your local desktop. Their speed depends on your hardware, not on the speed of your internet bandwidth.


          The Cloud part of the plan is the licensing. When you install the software (locally), the activation is performed via the internet. Takes a few seconds.


          After that, the software performs a license check at least every 99 days (more frequently if it detects an internet connection) to confirm that your monthly payments are up to date.


          The license check is the only part that needs internet. The software itself runs on your own computer locally. No internet required unless you use the optional Cloud storage.

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            hb@hb Level 1

            Thanks for your answer John.  Do you have to purchase aps separately or do you download as part of package?

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              John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Your choice.


              If you subscribe to the Complete Plan then you pay a single monthly fee every month and download whichever apps you want, whenever you want them.

              You download them individually. There is no single download to download everything.


              There are 17 or more desktop apps available plus mobile apps. Most people seem to only use 4-6 desktop apps.


              If you subscribe to a Single App plan then you can only download that particular app.

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                hb@hb Level 1

                thanks much.  that answers my questions.  since this is a frequently asked question, you might add it to the info about CC on the adobe website.