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    RELIABLE X99 Motherboard Recommendation?

    johnt53984649 Level 2

      What motherboards have you all been using for a while now, those of you with X99?  These are my specs:


      5960x CPU

      H105 Corsair cooler

      32 GB DDR4 Corsair RAM

      MSI Gaming 7 X99S Motherboard

      2x NVIDIA GTX 970s

      256 GB Samsung 850 Pro SSD (Boot Drive)

      1TB GB Samsung 850 Pro SSD (Media Drive)

      Thermaltake 1000W Gold PSU

      (This was a custom build put together by the guys at Microcenter; I don't know enough about computers to put it together on my own.)


      Basically, my MSI Gaming 7 X99s motherboard died after 7 months for seemingly no reason.  There was a warranty on it, and, believe it or not, Microcenter will actually pay for ANY motherboard I put in there, regardless of how much more it may cost than the MSI board that died (yes, Microcenter confirmed that it was the motherboard that was the problem, no other components).  So, with price being no obstacle now, astoundingly, what motherboard should I use now?  It's got to be reliable because I've lost a lot of time so far with this one that died.  Please recommend whatever you've used yourself and have had good luck with; remember, my goals are longevity and reliability, not features.