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    How do i have multiple layers play at the same time?


      This is my first time using After Effects and im confused.


      I downloaded this intro template: AFTER EFFECTS + C4D | Assassin's Creed FREE 3D Intro Template - YouTube

      and got up to the After Effects part and got confused. I know how to add the effects in the background but i can't seem to have them play at the same time, it's either one or the other. I got the music working as well and the glitch part looks like it doesn't work. I asked the uploader how do i have multiple layers to play at the same time but all he said was ("Replace with video made in C4D" and select replace -> footage file and select the one you made in C4D. do the same with the missing footage with the ones provided with the footage from the "Footage" folder provided)

      Thing is, i have no idea where the "Replace with video made in C4D thing is. Can someone help me?