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    Can I 'nest' folders for my presets?


      I'm pretty sure this isn't possible but I'm a newbie with LR, so I thought I'd ask.


      I purchased a couple packages of different types of presets for LR. In order to keep things organized, I'd like to use nested folders. Let's say I purchased a package called "A", and it has some presets to mimic color film, some to mimic black and white, etc. Currently, it appears that I can either set up one folder to hold ALL the presets from "A", or I can do individual folders for the preset "families" - so I'd have folders like this:


      A - Color Film Presets

      A - Black and White Film Presets

      A - Retro Camera Presets


      What I'd really like to do is have a folder called "A", then individual folders under that called "Color Film Presets", "Black and White Film Presets", and "Retro Camera Presets". If/when I purchase more packages of presets, this will allow me to keep them organized pretty easily and won't make the "Presets" panel overwhelming with content.