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    I am difficulty getting automatic page numbering and TOC to play nice.


      Hi there


      I'm using Indesign CC 2014.


      I have created a book, made up of separate Indesign documents. The page number for most of the documents resets back to 1, even though the settings are set correctly:

      1st Screenshot at Aug 15 15-56-14.png


      The above screenshot shows the second document in the book. The page numbers in the document correctly start from page 13, as the previous document finished at 12.

      But see how the book file shows the numbers restarting from 1. And they do the same on the TOC:


      3rd Screenshot at Aug 15 16-03-15.png


      Here are the .indb number option settings:

      2nd Screenshot at Aug 15 15-59-45.png

      I believe I have these configured correctly, and yet the book file shows each page resetting to 1.


      All the documents have the exact same Document Number Options as I showed earlier.


      I have even tried creating a brand new .indb book file, but the exact problem remains.


      I sent the .idml version files to a friend who has Indesign cs5, and she said they were all correctly numbered on both the actual pages and in the TOC - she had absolutely no problem on her version. So there must be another setting/overide/bug on my system that is causing this problem.


      I would love some help on how to fix this please.