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    rotobrush slowing down

    nuttersanonymous! Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm just starting out and having a go at rotobrushing someone out of some video footage - it's about 30 seconds long in total.

      It started out fine - when I paint a rotobrush stroke it would compute the adjustment to the mask quick enough but as I went along, it got slower and slower to make the changes untill I'm waiting a few seconds for each brush stoke to compute. I've got to 6 seconds and it's just too slow to work with now.

      The amount of memory I have available for AE is only about 7gig (which might be the problem as it's pretty much on the limit).


      Can someone advise me the best solution to keep the workflow going until I get more memory installed? I tried freezing what I've done so far but when I try and make further rotobrush strokes further down the timeline, it won't do it until I unfreeze. Should I split the footage?


      Many thanks