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    After Effects eating up disk space on export


      So, I'm using a regular MacBook pro with the minimum size internal hard drive, and using a 2 TB external hard drive for all of my video editing needs. I've been using Premiere Pro for a while with no problems. However, on a recent video I've been working on, I experienced some problems (dead pixels) that needed correcting in After Effects. So, I installed After Effects. After using the Adobe Dynamic Link to correct the Premiere project, and trying to export the project afterwards, my hard drive space is filling up during export. I've moved all of the cache files to the external hard drive, as well as all other output files, but this is still happening. Any ideas where I might be going wrong here?


      The video is long, about 77 minutes, and the After Effects fix covers the length of the entire video, since it was a basic camera issue that occurred throughout. I'm thinking the sheer size of the file, plus the wire removal tool being used over the entire duration of it, could have something to do with the unruly disk space issue during export. But, doing it any other way is going to be so much more work intensive and I'm wondering if there's a way I can avoid the dreaded alternative - singling out the individual edited clips to fix and export individually, and then re-import into Premiere as replacement clips over the faulty ones. This would take forever, even though I realise this would likely allow me to bypass the disk space loss over the course of the long export.