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    DoreenMellor Level 1

      Please can someone help me. I have not found it easy to try and find a way of dealing directly with a support team member!!


      I upgraded my Macbook Pro operating system to Yosemite. When I next opened my Lightroom - it was completely empty!!

      Not a photo to be seen! Nothing.

      I eventually found the dngs in a back up file on my computer all scrambled according to the file numbers from my camera

      2 years worth of photos randomly together.


      I have an external hard drive but unfortunately it has only reinstated photos from January 2015, which is when I bought it.

      All the other photos from April 2014 onwards say the photos are offline or missing.


      I spent over an hour on the phone to a support worker from Apple but because he was not skilled in handling Adobe issues

      he could not resolve the problem and suggested I try and get you to help me.


      I would really like my photos back and don’t know where to go to from here. Especially as I wanted to enter one of the 2014

      photos for a current competition and do not have the original Raw file.


      I would greatly value your help, please.


      Doreen Mellor


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          robgendreau Level 3

          The question is: where did you store your photos?


          Lr's catalog does NOT CONTAIN photos. It only contains references, or pointers if you will, to photos. They are stored somewhere on your computer's hard drive, an external, etc. The folders you see in Lr are references to those. If they have little question marks, then Lr has lost the reference; it doesn't know where they are. Common reasons for that are that you used the Finder to move them. Without telling Lr, as it were. That's why it's saying some those are offline or missing. If you click on the preview of the image itself, you should get something like this:


          Voila_Capture 2015-08-15_10-00-26_AM.png

          Note the path, the "previous location." That, for me, shows me it was on my Desktop. If your's shows a particular folder, try to remember where you put that. Or go into your backup and restore it. Or use Spotlight and search on the name of the image itself. then use that "locate" button to tell Lr where it is.

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            DoreenMellor Level 1

            Thank you so much for your excellent reply. I do have all the dngs saved in a folder on my desk top now - but how do I link them back up to the Lightroom files? I can't find a 'restore' anywhere. Doreen

            Why would this have happened after upgrading to Yosemite?

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              DoreenMellor Level 1

              It is quite incredible - I managed to import all the pictures on my laptop - into Lightroom. Sadly I seem to have lost all the editing I have done, but I have all but one of my folders back again. I have found the folder of dngs but can't seem to get it back into lightroom.

              Still practice makes perfect..... well not perfect but I have learnt a big lesson.... don't upgrade!!!!!! Doreen

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                robgendreau Level 3

                Re the DNGs: are they already in Lr? do you see them, but with the question mark? or the message I posted above? if so, relink them using that "locate" button. Click on the image or the folder or look up "locate" in the help.


                If they never were in Lr, just go to the import module and import them. You'd use "add" not "copy" since they are already on your Mac.


                This should not have happened after upgrading, if you either used the Apple upgrade through the Mac App Store, downloaded the Yosemite installer and followed the instructions. If you renamed your Mac's hard drive this could have also caused the problem. It is not a reason not to upgrade; for millions of us the upgrade went fine.

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                  Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  It sounds like you did a complete wipe of your hard drive instead of an upgrade. That would make you lose all your files. That is not what you would normally do for upgrading to Yosemite, but it is what sometimes is done by computer support people (they will ask whether you have a backup and then proceed to wipe everything). That said, since you appear to have a time machine backup (at least I hope you do!), that backup should ALSO contain the Lightroom catalog file. Simply restore all the images to their original locations as well as the catalog file from the backup. Double click the recovered catalog file from the backup and everything should work as before including your edits.

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                    DoreenMellor Level 1

                    Thanks so much. I did not do anything extra, I simply pressed the download button for the upgrade! Don't credit me with doing extras because I don't know how it works! Well now I seem to have every photo I possess in Light room, including all the ones I never originally imported, but I don't mind, they are all under 'one roof' and I can access them all easily. I imported them last night but got your message this morning. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer. It was as much of a challenge to find out how to ask my question as it was to sort out the problem!! My question did not fit the standard question list.

                    Adobe has to realise some of us are no longer in the 20 to 30 age bracket.  hat I have learnt I have had to work out for myself and proud to say I am 62 and managed it so far! But a person on a phone makes life a lot simpler! I have to say Apple support is magnificent  and you guys who helped me are too!

                    Thanks Doreen



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