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    Roto brush not visible during render

    Beth A Edwards

      I am completely stumped with an After Effects rotobrush problem and I was hoping that someone would have a suggestion on how to remedy the issue.  I have completed the rotobrush and saved the "Freeze" on the layer.  When I go to the composition I see the layer that has been rotobrushed over the background that I've created, but when I go to render the file - or via Dynamic Link with Premiere - all I get is the background. I have also tried rendering out just the rotoburshed layer with an alpha, and all I get is a black screen.


      1. To add to the confusion - I did a RAM preview and then saved the RAM preview, which saved and I could import into Premiere Pro


      Any suggestions?  I'm guessing I'm missing a step, but darn if I can figure out what that is.  I have searched the web and Adobe, but I'm not finding any guidance that takes the roto brush tutorial through the render process.