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    Perpetual License - Getting nag screens for creative cloud

    Jim Rand(2)

      I am so upset with Adobe's new licensing model, I am ready to contact the State's Attorney Generals office.


      I purchased a retail copy of Adobe Photoshop LightRoom 6 for use both on my Windows 7 PC and my MacBook Pro. I have a valid license. I paid $162 for it. Why am I getting these damn nag screens about my Creative Cloud expiring? I've Googled this topic and found this thread - After weeks trial Nag still comes back. Is there a fix?


      Are you kidding me? I'm not about to wipe my hard drive to get rid of the nag screen. 


      The nag screen also appeared on my MacBook Pro. Entered (or possibly reentered the license).  Seems to work. If the Creative Cloud nag screen reappears on my laptop, you can be damn sure I'm filing a formal complaint with the Attorney Generals office.


      I have lost all faith in Adobe.  If there were an alternative product to LightRoom, I'd switch today. And, by the way, since my Photoshop CS6 license is not transferable to my Mac, I'm going through the tutorial now for Affinity for the Mac.