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    Moved images can't be found by LR CC


      LR CC 2015.1.1 Release, iMac, OS X 10.10.4


      I'm moving all my images from an old (Seagate) external drive to a new one (WD green RAID).   The problem is that LR is unable to find the images on the new drive when pointed to in the "LR find the missing image dialogue".  Further trying this seems to eliminate the images in the LR catalogue although the images are still physically on the drive.


      Here are the steps I followed:


      1) I copied the folder with the images to the new external drive, then ejected the orignal drive.

      2) I then opened LR, selected an image that was in the catalogue, and told LR I would like to find the missing image.

      3) In the Finder, I clicked on the image  in the new drive : not only does LR not locate the image and the other from the same date folder with it, but the other images in that folder in which it is located disappear in the catalogue.  In the Finder, the images are present where they should be.


      If I connect the original drive, LR finds the images in the original drive, but the images that disappeared from the catalogue are still not present.


      One other detail:  The new drive(s) are in a dual compartment in a RAID array, acting as a single driver.  I don't think that this is important to the problem, but I want to be sure to mention any detail that might be involved.


      I have also closed everything down, done a restart, and repeated this process once.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated;.



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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          LR knows the difference between folders being moved and individual photos being moved. In this case, you need to "find" the moved folders in the Folders panel before finding the individual photos.


          If your Folders panel does not show you the folder tree like Finder does, right-click on the bottom folders and select "show parent". Repeat as needed.


          Do the "find" on the top-most folder(s) that you moved. Then everything under it/them should be handled automatically.

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            rwb6667 Level 1

            Thanks Joe!  This worked.  When I clicked on the highest level, I received this dialogue:  "The selected folder or one of its subfolders is already in Lightroom.  Do you want to combine these folders?"--I replied "Merge" and all the images were located.  LR and I are both happy.  Thanks for your help.