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    Adding templates via an editor


      I'm trying to add a template (htt-file) to my topics. I know that I can do this with robohelp bij selecting all topics an change the template via properties.
      The only thing Robohelp is doing (at least what I can see) is putting a line, like:
      <meta name="template" content="Manual_help_template.htt">

      If I add this line myself to a topic (with BK ReplaceEM).
      The template is not added to the topic. At least the template is not applied to the topic.

      Is Robohelp doing something in the background, that I don't know of?
      Or do I make a thinking error

      Thanks a lot for your help.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Remko78. I'd be warey of adding a template to a topic by amending the code outside of RH. I suspect RH won't know that a topic refers to the template hence the fact it doesn't appear. You are applying the template the correct way by setting the topic properties. What happens if you set the template on a single topic? Also, where are you looking for the template - output or preview?
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            MergeThis Level 4
            When you apply a template to an existing topic, all that gets added to the topic is whatever you've placed in the Header or Footer of the template.

            Anything in the body of the template is only added in topics you subsequently create with the template assigned to it at the time of creation.

            Good luck,
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              Remko78 Level 1
              Thanks for the suggestions and questions.

              @Colum: In The output and in WYFIWS. In Both 'views' the template is not applied to the topics. Also editing one topic with notepad doesn't work.
              The properties of the single topics is however set to the template. So I think Robohelp does something in the background what i'm not aware of.....

              @Leon: Thanks for the tip. I'm using a template with only a header.

              By the way; The template is already in my project folder.