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    Lightroom CC 2015 gives "no matching photos" when auto tagging photos

    caprichoso Level 1

      I have loaded a gpx file from my Garmin Fenix 3.  The time period it covers is from 2015.07.25 6:01 am to 9:33 am.


      In the gpx file I see:



            <trkpt lon="-122.36100691370666" lat="37.659746278077364">










      Even though the track log has GMT time Lightroom is showing the correct times when I hover over the track.  If I try correcting to -7 GMT to reflect the track log timestamps then the "offset Time zone" window shows a track log time of of 7/24 to 7/25 which clearly is not correct. If I hover over the track on the map  the -7 hasn't taken since the times on the track do not change.To get the track range times correct in the offset time zone (6:01-9:33) window I have to set the offset to 0.

      So with a 0 offset selected I select a picture with a date stamp of 2015.07.25 6:16 am.  I get the error "no matching photos".  I have tried changing the offset from -7 to +1 and still get the same result.