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    wacky aussie

      Good Sunday morning from Australia [we are 14hrs ahead of time than the USA].....after spending a great deal of  time with the sales personnel it was decided that PhotoshopCC2015 would be just fine for me. O boy!  i have contacted technical support 4 times since.  Cloud Library does not load - ok - go to task manager. find CClibraries .exe. end process & wow they appear...however you have to do that every single time you open Photoshop.  one ot the technical people disabled all of my 'no ads' - now i have things popping up all over the place. No thanks.  Windows - render - picture frames....i don't have any!  Error21.  you have got to be kidding for me to do all of that.  i had to find that out online.  ME do all of that...i thought that was technical support, which incidentally is only open Mon-Fri 8am to 7pm.  what a life.  if Cloud Library is a 'technical problem acknowledged by Adobe' i personally think it is an Adobe Tech. problem. i chose Adobe because of a very good reputation - where is it?  not happy.