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    CUDA disabled on Premiere Pro CC 2015 and GTX 760 4GB

    JasonBrownCC2014 Level 1

      If this is in the wrong forum then I apologise.


      Having an issue with CUDA on Premiere Pro CC 2015 and my GTX 760 4GB. I was editing on Premiere yesterday and had no problems and I have been using this card and Premiere Pro CC (2014 & 2015) for over a year now with no issues. However, today I opened up the project I was working on yesterday and got the message telling me that CUDA GPU acceleration is no longer available. When I create a new project I only get the option to use software CUDA. Went into the NVIDIA Control Panel and selected 'use all GPUs' for CUDA with Premiere Pro - still not working.


      I did update my graphics card drivers a few days ago but it seems odd that CUDA would be disabled now and not straight after I updated.


      Graphics drivers: 355.60 (latest at time of posting - 16/08/2015)

      Operating system: Windows 10 Pro x64 (I installed Windows 10 two weeks ago and have had no issues with CUDA until this morning).