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    I'm having serious problems with my products getting de-activated!


      So, I've had this problem for a while and have scoured the Internet for solutions. Some which works, sometimes.

      The gist of the problem is that my applications seems to get de-activated and reverts to trial-license at seemingly random intervals. What happens is that I'm met with a window that says "00 days left..." and I have to activate the application again. Note that I don't have to enter my credentials again but only click through a couple of windows since I'm still logged in when looking in the Creative Cloud desktop application. Many people seem to have this problem.

      If this was the only thing I could live with it. But the real problem is that some functionality is only available when activated. Such as Dolby-codecs in Premiere Pro 2014 and 2015, suddenly I can't open my projects and I'm forced to try and "hack" my way to get Premiere activated again.

      Sometimes I can just log out of CC and quit everything and then log in again. Lately though I must first remove the file "C:\Users\(user)\AppData\Local\Adobe\OOBE\opm.db" (after force quitting "Adobe Desktop Service.exe" and "node.exe" in my Task Manager, since they keep the file locked even though I've quit every program from Adobe). As described here: Creative Cloud sign-in errors

      Today suddenly Photoshop 2015 gave me the same window to activate, not a big deal I thought. But now I can't launch Camera Raw from Bridge, it tells me that "Bridge's parent application is not active" even after I've done all the fixes I know of.


      It's been this way since I first installed CC a couple of months ago and I estimate that I've put in about 30+ hours to just get the applications to work as I've paid for! It's not acceptable and this needs to be fixed. I understand that the activation process is to protect from pirating. But as it stands now the only ones getting punished for pirating is me, the paying customer.

      Please do not tell me to re-install CC, I've done so 2 times (and the Cleaner-tool) and after a while the same thing occurs.

      I'm on PC running Win7 Ultimate x64.

      Does anyone has any idea how to fix this so I can work normally again? Thanks. (sorry for being a bit grumpy but I'm honestly pissed!)