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    flash player install problem


      today, half an hour spent on the installation. a blank window. I had to climb on the Internet, look for the cause. Only since I learned that there is need to disable some blockage. why ordinary user must suffer at every damn step ?! how should I know that some block prevents installation flash player? there are a minimum of information in your online help window. why even the installation of this little program has become a problem? Why is it impossible to do anything that would work right away without damage nerves? Of course, nothing is perfect, but at least the damn flash player must be installed with one click, without any problems!

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          Carm01 Level 4

          Before posting, please read and provide the following information:

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            aab86243792 Level 1

            i said that the problem is solved. I just can not understand why there are difficulties even in such simple actions? why even the installation of Flash Player can not happen without problems? Of course , in the windows any action resulting in an error. if you're interested , I have windows 7 Starter , fire fox latest version. I downloaded it for 10 minutes before installation of Flash Player . it does not matter. I still wonder why an ordinary user gets problem at each simple action.not necessarily with your software , but in general

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              Carm01 Level 4

              1) Adobe chooses to add 'certified bloatware' to support Flash.

              2) They refuse to make the offline installer easily found from the main page. You literally have to dig for them. the reason once again they want to spoon feed their certified bloatware on people. Hence the stub installers

              3) the offline installers work great if you can find them.


              Flash which should for all intents and purposes have a kill date as it is a resource hog and has many security holes in it as the CIO from FB stated that it should have a kill date. Adobe said they are working hard for make it secure or whatever, which is not addressing the statement at all. The bottom line is that Adobe is make large sums of money off of it with products like Captivate which uses Flash, so why would they kill a product that is riddled with security issues and a resource hog that is over a decade old... Answer they care more about money more than security .. Adobe the mentality of a Brick when it comes to FLASH