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    Lightroom Mobile - Enable Auto Add has stopped to work (Sony Xperia Z3)




      Hope someone have a solution to my recent updated LR 2015.1.1 with the Android Mobile Lightroom App.


      When I choose "Enable Auto Add" on my Sony Xperia Z3 compact, it just don´t add any pictures into the Collection in the Mobile LR app.

      If I deinstall the app, and reinstall, sometimes a photo will be "added successfully", 1 time, the very first time, then it stoppes to work.

      I have tried to:

      -Deinstall+reinstalled the app

      -Cleared the cache

      -Create a new collection and enable the "Auto add"

      Nothing will make new photos i take with the build in Sony Camera app to be added in the LR collection. I kind of suspect something is preventing LR to "catch" the photo ??

      Any hints tips etc. would be great