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    Question about hardware selections (Chipset, CPU, GPU, etc)

    Justin Butler

      Hey guys,


      The internet seems to be mired with contradicting posts and forums, articles and tech tips.  I'm building a new editing workstation.  The mobo/cpu/gpu combination I have right now is like six or seven years old and just not cutting it anymore unfortunately.  Playback stutters, any sort of the new LUT technology completely chokes my system out.  It's a bad look when reviewing edits with clients.


      So yea, I need help!


      • CPUs -- is there a dual CPU Xeon configuration that is relatively better value/performance than an i7 of some shape or form?  Also from what I can tell based on what's available for Skylake at the moment there is no particular reason to jump over at this point in time?  IOW still with Haswell?
      • GPUS -- there are obviously tons of GPUs out there.  On adobe premiere's "supported GPUs" page they list extremely high end nVidia cards such as the Quadro lines.  However they leave out several current high performers, such as GTX 970, 980, 980ti, etc. Will these cards work as fine as well?


      Also I've seen referenced a "hardware" section on the adobe forums but cannot seem to find it.  If someone could point me in that direction that would be great.  Thanks in advance for any responses.

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          cpu's - skylake 4 core is a fast cpu but may be reserved more for budget ($1k) builds. if you need faster and/or more pcie lanes, haswell-e can offer those advantages. dual xeon builds usually end up costing more, and not worth it for performance unless wanting faster than the fastest i7. $1500-$3k budget will be haswell-e, $5k+ for dual xeons.


          gpu's - the new gtx 900 series work with premiere, just not AE's ray tracing. thats probably why its not on the hardware list, even though adobe staff here have said its officially supported.


          xeon and quadro are workstation based, which means a premium for service and small percentage of better reliability. their extra features don't offer any advantages to premiere.


          this thread is currently in the hardware section of the forums. Hardware Forum