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    Replicating Object along Path

    perfectblue Level 1

      I am trying to figure out a method to replicate a given object along a path, in this case a street light, so I don't have to animate each street light by hand. To start, I created a single street light and added some simple position and scale keyframes to the image to give it the appearance that the light is getting larger as it gets closer to the camera.




      The problem is, this only animates one single street light. It seems like there must be a better method of doing this other than duplicating the same layer over and over and animating each one separately. What I would like to do is somehow replicate this for as many additional street lights that I would add to the scene so the final effect would be something like whats shown in this mockup. Ideally I would be able to somehow clone the object across a shape such as a spline, control how many copies of the shape there are, and have an even amount of spacing between each copy. Then apply the same position and scale animation to all of them.


      The end result would be to create something like this