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    Problems with creating books - InDesign 2015 cc

    kunegoc Level 1

      Hello community,


      I have an odd issue that I'm not sure how to address and somewhat difficult to describe. Let me start off by saying I'm relatively new to InDesign, so it might be something I've configured wrong. With that said, some background on the issue.


      I have a client that had me create a book for print at CreateSpace. The way I built it is as follows:


      1 directory labelled print book

      1 book file. For ease, I'm labeling it Print book.indb


      In this book file, I assembled the following files:





      Chapter 1.indd

      Chapter 2.indd

      Chapter 3.indd

      Chapter 4.indd

      Chapter 5.indd

      Chapter 6.indd



      This book has some images which I placed without using text wrap (wasn't aware of the feature when I started).


      This book turned out fine, but then my client wanted me to create an EPUB for the book as well. This is where the problems started.


      I copied the entire directory for the print version (assets/images, INDB and INDD files to another folder, labelled EPUB book.


      I created a new INDB file labeled EPUB book.indb

      I added to that book file all the previously generated INDD files.


      I made changes to the files as part of the book, (i.e. I anchored the images, used articles to organize the images/text frames for formatting/layout, etc.)


      I then noticed an error in the print version, so I closed out the EPUB version completely, then opened the PRINT version. All the changes I had been making to the EPUB version were now showing up in the PRINT version as well.

      I normally back up the entire directory before I make changes, so I had 4-5 version to go back to, but they all appeared to be changed as well. When I looked at the individual INDD files, they weren't changed, so I was able to recover my finished PRINT version, but any time I make changes to either book, they change the other book as well.


      I've tried to delete the book files (INDB) and recreate them, but the problem persists. As soon as they have a book file associated with it, when I open the INDD files via the book tool menu, the changes are reflected across both sets of files, but if I open the INDD files directly, they're fine. What am I doing wrong?


      Thanks for your help. Have a great day.