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    windows 10


      Has anyone else had compatibility issues with the Windows 10 upgrade?

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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Search the froum ... there are many.

          What exactly is your issue?

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            Axel Matt Adobe Community Professional

            stacyleigh68 schrieb:


            Has anyone else had compatibility issues with the Windows 10 upgrade?



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              stacyleigh68 Level 1

              The first hiccup I ran into was a catalog error.   It couldn't open it, so I did some homework and found the info on permissions.  I changed the permissions after uninstalling and reinstalling lightroom, signing out of cloud and back in again, and everything seemed to work find again.  Within a few days, the computer froze yet again while working with Lightroom and when I rebooted it, I got the error message about being unable to open the catalog.  So I tried the same steps yet again, changed permissions, renamed the catalog, uninstall, reinstall, sign in, sign out, and now it starts to load but then stops with the message that it has to close due to an "Unknown error".  I'd just finished merging dozens of files, can't access them, can't do a darn thing. 

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                Axel Matt Adobe Community Professional

                Do you tried to disable the GPU support in the LR settings?

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                  JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I just upgraded to Windows 10 last night. I haven't had any problems with anything. But I have always run my computer using an administrator account and don't plan to change that. Lightroom opened right where I left off, and I have simply been able to continue working.

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                    stacyleigh68 Level 1

                    That was my experience as well, worked fine for a few days, and I'm running my computer as administrator as there's only me on it, but it was when I was using LR that it locked up, I had to forcibly reboot on both occasions and then started getting the error messages. 

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                      stacyleigh68 Level 1

                      I have no clue what that is so I'd have to say no lol

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                        stacyleigh68 Level 1

                        already have, tried all the suggestions, still not functioning properly.  I'm starting to wonder if my computer just isn't up to the task of running lightroom.

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                          socratic Level 1

                          Just picked up a new laptop and updated it to Windows 10.  I am attempting to install CS5 Production Package.  When I try to extract the zip files using setup (extractor) I get all the way through then I get the first screen all over again saying I need to extract files.  Checked folder and nothing was left there.  Just seems to be an endless loop.  Tried using Windows compatibility tool but get the same results.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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                            HNL11 Level 1

                            Yes. Since I've upgraded to Windows 10, I've been unable to open Lightroom 6 with either my current or old catalogs. I consistently get the error message: “Unexpected error opening catalog. The catalog could not be opened due to an unexpected error.”


                            I'm operating as administrator, my graphics card software is up-do-date, and have the latest updates of LR 6 downloaded. All programs other than Lightroom seem to operating normally on Windows 10.

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                              Upgraded to windows 10 last week and I really like it; except today I realized that Photoshop CC2015 and Lightroom 2015 will not work correctly.  Has anyone upgraded to windows 10 and then went back to windows 7?  If so did windows 7 run correctly?

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                                I have update my HP TouchSmart 300 from Windows 7 Home to Windows 10. Since then, my Adobe Acrobat 8.3.1 Standard will launch for a few seconds, then it disappears. I tried to repair the installation, but the problem remains the same. I'm the only administrator on this PC. I'm wondering if this Adobe version is compatible with Windows 10. Does anyone know of a site where they summarize product compatibilities with operating systems?

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                                  stacyleigh68 Level 1

                                  It seems to be a common problem, Adobe needs to get on this and fix it.  I've done a clean uninstall/reinstall and still can't access my files.  Very, very frustrated at this point.  I'm now working off my old desktop computer, which oddly enough is running windows 10 just fine with no lightroom issues.  Yet....

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                                    stacyleigh68 Level 1

                                    That worked for me the first time it went kaput.  After that and a clean reinstall, it crashed and burned again.  Since then, nothing I've done has helped.

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                                      I also have problems. "The Adobe Application manager stopped working" . And now what? Any advices please...

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                                        Axel Matt Adobe Community Professional

                                        agnieszkak27475141 schrieb:


                                        I also have problems. "The Adobe Application manager stopped working" . And now what? Any advices please...


                                        With this Infos nobody can't help. Error messages, messages in system-log, all drivers up-to-date?

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                                          agnieszkak27475141 Level 1

                                          Thanks. Unfortunately that's the only message it shows "The Adobe Application Managet stopped working due to a problem. We'll inform you when the Windows system finds a solution"   - that's all, no atter if I'm in Bridge or in PS -both shows the same .  I updated my nvidia soft, checked preferences - They're OK.

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                                            I have had Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional on my PC for years (part of what was then called the 'Creative Suite ').

                                            Since upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 I keep getting a 'Registration unsuccessful' window pop up with Adobe Acrobat (but so far not the simultaneously installed Dreamweaver and Photoshop).  It contains the message 'A problem was encountered while trying to send information over the internet'.  I'm offered 3 options to deal with this (see below), none of them work.

                                            Adobe Acrobat works once I've closed the warning window.




                                            Actually it just did something similar in Photoshop.

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                                              Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

                                              Hi Stacey,


                                              Yes, there are multiple issues. Specially Permission issue to accessing the catalog files and several other folders.

                                              If Possible, try and create new admin account with full privileges or permission, move your files to new user and try using your Adobe application.



                                              Let us know if it helps.




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                                                stacyleigh68 Level 1

                                                Hi Mohit,


                                                Tried that as well, it didn't work either      However, my daughter managed to get lightroom to open, but 95% of the files are not available.  They show up as a white blank box, says it's unable to locate them.  After going through and doing a search for CR2 files, we were able to locate them, but again many of them aren't opening.  I can see the image in thumbnail but that's it.  Any ideas how to fix it?  I hate having to work on my desktop instead of the laptop, don't like being tied down.

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                                                  alexr40335219 Level 1

                                                  One of the main issues with the Windows 10 Upgrade (for most users) is, that all the old files (Data, Pictures, Videos) became Read Only. I suspect that you might have the same problem. The following YouTube video provides a step-by-step instruction how to take control of such Read Only folders/files. Change File Permisson Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows 7 - YouTube This solution solved my problem with respect to these "Read Only" folders/files. You might wish to try it.

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                                                    Leigh Gray

                                                    I upgraded(!) to Windows 10 today and now have no PS CC 2015.  My old copy of CS6 works, as does Bridge and LR CC 2015.  All CC 2015 does now is open as standard, get a message about there being "a problem" with no description and then the program closes.  I've tried uninstalling and re-installing, updating my graphics drivers, I am the admin account so not sure what else I can do to get the PS working.  Not fun as paying for a progam I can't use...!!!  Any other ideas?

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                                                      Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

                                                      Hi stacyleigh,


                                                      Its a Permission Issue on your system after the Windows 10 Upgrade.


                                                      You try and create new user account with Administrator Rights and open the Adobe software's and see how it works.


                                                      Lightroom is unable to show the Images its because of two reasons:


                                                      1. Images have been moved to the different folder or location.
                                                      2. That specific location is not accessible due to the permission issue.


                                                      Use the below link to update the folder location in Lightroom

                                                      Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Help | Locate missing photos


                                                      else, you can edit the permission for that specific folder.


                                                      Change the Permission by right clicking on that folder

                                                      Go to Properties

                                                      Go to Security

                                                      Click on Edit under Groups or user names

                                                      Provide full control to all Groups or user names

                                                      Apply & OK

                                                      Close the Lightroom and try again.


                                                      Let us know if it helps.


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                                                        I had a major problem with Windows 10. When I opened either LR or PS, all my colors were flat and dull. People in photos looked dead with a greenish hue. In photo viewer it was ok but not in Adobe products. I reverted back to 8.1 and my CC updater got corrupt and would not open. I tried to uninstall to reinstall but I could not. I left the LR and PS folders alone and went into the Adobe folder and gutted it to the point it would reload a new file as it would not before. I couldn't update LR or PS without this file. As I'm typing this LR is now updating to the 2015 version. I had no trouble with my laptop THAT I DID NOT UPGRADE AND WON"T. I am so DISGUSTED WITH MICROSOFT I am now waiting for my Imac to arrive. Time for a change.

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                                                          Axel Matt Adobe Community Professional

                                                          I think that's a problem with the settings of the color profile. The settings between Windows and the Adobe products doen't match.

                                                          Please check the appropriate settings.