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    That bloody Import issue...


      Can see the previews, click to import. Hangs. Import buttons grey out.

      Have to start LR again but repeats issue. Have checked all permissions.

      Have not been able to import a single (RAW) image since this started. No reason why, having worked so well, it has suddenly done this.


      I have seen this problem on other forums but have not seen any clear solution.


      Any helpers? (Adobe are next to useless as their "support" trail is circular....)


      MacBook Pro

      OS 10.10.2

      LR 5.7.1

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi Andrew,


          We Apologize for the Inconvenience you had.


          Please make sure that in the Import Panel>> Destination to which you are Coping/Adding/Moving files is not set as /Library or ~/Library


          Also make sure that you have the option  "Into Sub folder" Checked.


          Most importantly Read/Write Permissions to the Destination should be there.


          Try removing Phone/Card/Tablet connected to your computer and reimport.


          Hope that helps