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    Flash Lite emulator and scrolling images

    kalibahlutwo Level 1

      I'm developing a little app for a cell phone, and when I test the movie in the emulator, the soft keys only work on the phone's key pad, and not when I click on the screen. Is that the way it should work, or should they be clickable?

      Also, another question, since the screen doesn't listen to mouse clicks. how can I program an image scroll bar to work in Flash Lite 2? For example, in regular Flash apps, you can create a scroll bar and program it to be clicked and dragged to scroll. But how does the user scroll a scroll bar on a cell phone? If I program it to be clicked and dragged, I don't know how the user will be able to click it and drag it on a phone. If the scroller will work with the up and down arrow keys on the phone, how do I switch focus to the scroller?

      I hope this is clear but please ask if it isn't! Thank you in advance for your help. I appreciate it very much. :)