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    Lightroom activated twice on same machine?


      Have (had) been using LR6 on desktop, and on mylaptop when away from the office.


      Following a HDD disaster with my desktop, encountered difficulties (could not re-activate) on reinstall of LR6.


      Adobe tech did a terrific job taking over remotely and getting me back in business, so all good on the desktop front.


      However, had some problems updating laptop to Windoze 10; wound up doing a clean install, and, when I try to reinstall LR6 now, it's telling me I'm activated on two machines (maximum number of activations, anyway) and won't let me activate the laptop copy.


      Unlike prior versions, I cannot find a way to go into my Account and simply deactivate one copy/machine, and can't even tell if it's "double-activated" on the desktop, or OK on the desktop and still "attached" to this laptop I'm trying to rebuild.


      Any tips/insights greatly appreciated...