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    Pressure not working in CC 2015, works in CS6


      I'd been using CS6 for quite some time and recently upgraded to 2015. I kept CS6 around for if (when) something went wrong.


      This first picture shows two lines drawn in CC 2015, the first with as little pressure as possible, the second pressing down pretty hard:



      There's no difference. The pressure option is present and enabled. It's just not working.


      Now we look at CS6. Again, the first line is drawn with very little pressure, the second with a lot of pressure.



      There is a very clear difference.


      It can't be a driver issue, these four lines were drawn within a minute of each other. I have both programs open at the same time. Same tablet, same driver. I've tried reinstalling the latest Wacom Driver, I've stopped and started the Wacom service, I've restarted Flash and my computer, I've done all of those things in various permuted orders with no success.


      To sum up, the pressure option is present and enabled in CC 2015, but it has no effect, while it works perfectly in CS6. Any thoughts?