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    Multi-Function Button

    DarthMarklar Level 1
      I have a quick request for a tight deadline. Hopefully this is simple...

      I have one timeline with voice over that plays (linearly) through several slide - Each slide is designated with a frame marker. I want a forward and back button, but I want them to have dual functions (as noted in the topic summary).

      Basically, it's the old: If you click the back button quickly, the navigation will replay the current slide (i.e. back one marker), but if you hold down the button for more than 2 seconds, it replays the previous slide (i.e. back two markers). Obviously the same goes for the forward button but in the other direction.

      I am lost because I knew how to do this with Director, but I am not completely up on Flash scripting and I have too much to do tomorrow to figure it out.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

      p.s. I forget if there is scripting to go back one marker or two markers, but if I have to customize each button (on each slide) to manually go to a specific slide, that's fine. It's really more important that I figure out how to detect the difference between a quick click and a long click. I assume some kind of counter on the click?