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    HELP: fix on Mac version


      SOmebody know how i can do that in mac version?????

      Resolution: Follow these steps:

      1. Uninstall Adobe Digital Editions using one of these two  methods:
        • Start > Programs > Adobe > Adobe Digital Editions  > Uninstall
        • Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add Remove  Programs
      2. Initiate Uninstall
      3. In order to remove all remnants of Adobe Digital Editions /  Adobe Adept from the machine a "Registry Edit" will need to be  performed:
        • Start > Run > Regedit
      4. Search for HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Adobe >  Adept and Delete the full "Adept" folder
      5. Remove only the structures that are under the "SOFTWARE"  extensions. This will remove the Adobe ID / License and Activation Keys
      6. Clear any outstanding tasks that may be associated to Adobe  Digital Editions downloads
        • C:\data\my digital editions
        • C:\my documents\my digital editions
      7. Delete any documents within these folders:
        • Restore > Tasks
        • Restore > Failed
      8. Re-install Adobe Digital Editions