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    Create group




      I want to create a group of all elements in dartboard and name it "Sticker".


      Also I want to rename "Layer 1" to "Preview", how can this be done?


      Thanks in advance.


      Robin (an Illustrator scripts beginner)

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          williamadowling Level 4

          do you have multiple artboards? I'll assume no, for now.


          I'll assume that you want to group everything in the document into one group.


          I tested this and it works for me. Let me know if you have more than 1 artboard and we can change this up a bit to work for all the artwork on each artboard.



          *EDIT* looks like OP disappeared forever. but for anyone else looking for this solution, this should work. i edited the wrapper function since groupItem is already an element. So just to save confusion, i updated the wrapper function name. cheers.


          function groupAllItems(){
          var docRef= app.activeDocument;
          var elements = docRef.pageItems;
          var newGroup = docRef.layers[0].groupItems.add();
          newGroup.name = "Sticker";
               var curElement = elements[i];
          docRef.layers.getByName("Layer 1").name = "Preview";
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            This script works, but unfortunately releases all compound paths,

            so after running the script all can become a mess a little...


            I'm looking for a solution but have no idea how to resolve this problem.

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              Vinicius Baptista Level 2

              Hello dear, in my tests this method release the "clipping masks" and not "compound path", I think be better you select all items on active artboard with native method "selectObjectsOnActiveArtboard();" before and after create a loop through all selected items to group them, see this sample:


              function groupAll(){
              var docRef= app.activeDocument; 
              var newGroup = docRef.layers[0].groupItems.add(); 
              docRef.layers.getByName("Layer 1").name = "Preview";


              Congratulations on the initiative in learning scripting, go ahead and have fun.


              Best Regards

              -Vinícius Baptista

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                williamadowling Level 4

                You're definitely right, vinícius. I always forget that doc.pageItems actually looks at the contents of groupItems and compound paths, rather than treating a groupItem as a pageItem as it does in any other context... =(

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                  Vinicius Baptista Level 2

                  Hi, williamadowling, Relax, sometimes i do the same mistake lol, everytime when i'm writing some script using pageItems property, I have a lot of care with it. So I hope we  have helped our friend.


                  See ya!