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    Strage behaviour - some images and text randomly dissapear

    Joe Seven Level 1

      Working on an 88 page brochure, and all of a sudden I notice that on 2 spreads, all the images and text are gone. The image and text frames are still there though. Restart InDesign, nothing changes.


      I started to fiddle around with the frames and solved the issue. By clicking on the image frames and selecting "Fit Frames Proportionally" (shift+option+cmd C) The images returned, although they were flipped 180 degrees. For the text, I simply expanded the bottom edge of the frame and the text magically reappeared.


      I've had this problem once before. It can be very frustrating when working on a deadline. I'm curious to know if anyone's experience this, and if there's any explanation for why this is happening. One of the weirder bugs I've come across after working with InDesign for 10+ years.