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    FAQ: Why does my character's mouth not respond when triggering a non-default (front) view for a multi-view puppet?

    Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

      When you set up a multi-view puppet (i.e., separate subpuppets representing the front, 3/4, side, etc. that are triggered by pressing keys associated with them), the Face and Lip Sync behaviors that are, by default, on the top-level puppet will only control one of them. For mouth shapes to work regardless of the view triggered with the keyboard, you need to remove those behavior from the top level and add them to each subpuppet, as follows:


      1. Select the puppet in the Project panel.
      2. In the Properties panel, delete the Face and Lip Sync behaviors (click the behavior menu button on the right side of the behavior name, then choose the Remove Behavior menu command).
      3. Double-click the puppet to open it in the Puppet panel.
      4. Select each view-specific subpuppet layer. You can select multiple layers at a time by holding down the Shift key when clicking layers.
      5. In the Properties panel, click the Add Behaviors ('+') button, then add the Face and Lip Sync behaviors.


      When you switch back to the Scene panel, then trigger the different views, your mouth shapes in front of the webcam and your speech into the microphone should trigger the intended mouth expressions.


      We are evaluating ways to improve the setup of multi-view puppets. If you have suggestions to improve the workflow, please share them in the Character Animator forum.