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    Trying to install upgrade to Lightroom 6 from 4 after losing hard drive.  Can't find serial # for 4 but I have receipt for purchase.  Worst customer service I have ever had.


      Well don't lose your serial numbers for LR.  If you lose your hard drive and cannot recover even from a backup you will be kicking yourself.  I have invested 4 to 5 hours with Adobe customer support attempting to get a serial number for LR 4 which I have a receipt for and provided to Adobe.  When I lost my hard drive I thought ok maybe it is time to upgrade to LR6.  I purchased the upgrade and it would not install because I didn't have LR4 installed to upgrade from.  I installed LR4 but could not activate it because I didn't have the serial number.  After that, that is when the ordeal began.  I contacted Adobe support.  There is no phone support for this that I can find.  The online chats are agonizing.  Each of my 4 chats have lasted at least an hour each.  This is the worst customer support.  I had listed the previous support case number but they don't appear to read or understand.  Every time this appears to be from scratch.  Here is a copy of my last support chat.

      Karuna: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.

        James Foster: hello

        James Foster: I was trying to get a serial number for my LR 4 and they sent me the serial number for LR 6 which I already have.

        Karuna: Please allow me a moment while I look into your account & verify the details.

        James Foster: OK

        Karuna: I am sorry but as you need Lr4  serial number but that is not registered on account.

        James Foster: I understand that. I sent a copy of my receipt to obtain a serial number.

        James Foster: Please look at the receipt

        Karuna: could you please tell me the Receipt you send it is for which product?

        James Foster: Lightroom 4

        James Foster: I started with Lightroom 3 full version. I upgraded to 4 and sent you that receipt. If you want the receipt for Lightroom 3 I can send that as well.

        James Foster: Your file was successfully uploaded: Amazon.com - Order 102-0805914-8629049.pdf.

        James Foster: I just uploaded the receipt for the full version 3

        Karuna: the receipt is for LR3 not for 4

        James Foster: Wow, please pay attention. I previously sent the receipt for version 4. It was the upgrade to 3. I can't believe how much time I have spent trying to get this done. I have been at least 4 to 5 HOURS.

        Karuna: We appreciate your patience and regret the inconvenience due to high wait time.

        Karuna: I really apology for inconvenience.

        James Foster: I believe this is my 4th attempt to get this.

        James Foster: So last time I did this they said ok no problem but we can give you the serial number, it has to be sent to someone else higher up. So if that is going to happen again then please let us get this moving.

        Karuna: have you downloaded the lightroom6 software?

        James Foster: Yes but I need the version 4 serial number first or I need to re-download a LR6 that is not an upgrade but a full version.

        Karuna: Please tell me the exact error message?

        Karuna: on that screen.

        James Foster: It wants the serial number for LR4. Are you going to provide that to me, yes or no?

        James Foster: Hello?

        Karuna: James i can help you work this software for you.

        James Foster: Will you provide me the number or not?

        Karuna: Because i am unable to help you with Lr4 serial number because it is not registered with account.

        James Foster: I am not with my computer right now and I need the number to proceed.

        James Foster: I gave you the receipt for 4

        James Foster: I even have the original disc

        James Foster: Who can I call? 

        James Foster: I also gave you the receipt for 3. Do you see both receipts?

        Karuna: you have provided us an invoice which is for Lr3.

        James Foster: I also uploaded 4 a couple of days ago I can do it again. Is it not in this record?

        Karuna: Let me check.

        James Foster: Your file was successfully uploaded: BH Receipt.pdf.

        James Foster: There it is. AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Karuna: Thanks

        James Foster: Frankly, dealing with Adobe c

        Karuna: I ams sorry for the inconvenience. Please allow me a moment.

        James Foster: Frankly, dealing with Adobe Customer support has been agonizing.

        Karuna: Do you have or had any old email address?

        James Foster: What difference does that make?

        Karuna: It may possible you have registered old serial numbers under that email address. Please give me if you own. I will search in our data base.

        James Foster: Are you telling me that the receipts are not good enough?

        Karuna: It is good.

        James Foster: I don't even remember if I registered the product.

        Karuna: But I want to give a chance.

        Karuna: Please help me with old email address. If you own, if you remember.

        Karuna: Let me give a try.

        James Foster: I don't have any more time to figure you what happened so lets move on. I have spent enough time on this.

        info: Your chat transcript will be sent to j_scott_foster@hotmail.com at the end of your chat.

        Karuna: Alright, I have all your product details I need to forward this request to senior team for locating the serial numbers of Lightroom 3 and Lightroom 4.

        James Foster: Wow only another hour to get to the same point I was a couple of day ago.

        Karuna: I am sorry for the inconvenience.

        James Foster: This is much more than an inconvenience.

        Karuna: I am sorry.

        James Foster: I have nothing against you personally.

        James Foster: But this support process really is terrible.

        James Foster: This is probably the worst support experience I have ever had.

        Karuna: I completely understand what you are going thru but i trying best to help you with all.

        James Foster: I know but I think this process needs to return to telephone support.

        James Foster: It also needs to return to the USA>

        Karuna: And i am going to escalate your concern they will contact you with in48-72 hours.

        James Foster: Ok thanks.

        James Foster: So are we done?

        Karuna: yes about to.

        Karuna: 0216303264 this is the case number  if you have concern you can contact us.

        Karuna: Is there anything else I can help you with?

        James Foster: No