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    convert seconds to standard timer string ?!

    adolfj84385943 Level 1

      hey  i found this to convert second to standard time (00:00)


      but they doesnt work






      can you help me please ?

      its on click event


      function convertTime(secs:Number):String


          var h:Number=Math.floor(secs/3600);

          var m:Number=Math.floor((secs%3600)/60);

          var s:Number=Math.floor((secs%3600)%60);

          return(h==0?"":(h<10?"0"+h.toString()+":":h.toString()+":"))+(m<10?"0"+m.toString():m.toS tring())+":"+(s<10?"0"+s.toString():s.toString());


      var counter = sym.getPosition(); // its return 5000

      var mytime=toTimeCode(counter);