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    Popups not showing

      Hi there, have knocked myself silly trying to understand why the popups appeared just fine, made some changes to the contents of the popup menus - I added more, and they don't show up.

      I've tested with Firefox and IE, both programs are the most recent versions.
      I'm using Firewords and Dreamweaver 8

      I read in another posting that Fireworks popups will not work if there are too many of them. I've reduced the number substantially. I created a new png file with 1 popup for testing purposes and it works.

      Is it just a matter of there still being too many? I have attached the html code created by Fireworks.

      I don't want to have to go into the code and manually make changes every time as this is a template for a website I'm doing and there will be many changes I'm sure yet to come.