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    How can I view jpg files next to raw photos after exporting raw to be jpgs in Lightroom 6?

    Brian747747 Level 1

      I have not been successful in seeing my jpg files separate from the raw files in Lightroom 6 (2015.1.1)  I have checked the box "Treat JPEG files next to raw files as separate photos" without success.  This problem is not because I downloaded RAW + jpg, it is when I export my raw to jpg.  I can see that the two files are "stacked", one of which is jpg, but when I "unstack" the jpgs don't show up next to the raw photo - I can't see them anywhere.  Also, when I use "File Type" in metadata in Library grid view only raw or tiff files shows up - but no jpgs.  Please help since all the search results are related to RAW + jpg downloads.  Thanks.