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    Can't get Default Button to work

      I can't seem to figure out why the default button isn't firing when I press Enter, any help is greatly appreciated:

      <mx:Panel id="pnlSignIn" width="217" height="131" layout="absolute" title="Please Sign In" color="#000000" x="378" y="205">
      <mx:Form defaultButton="{btnSignIn}" x="0" y="0">
      <mx:FormItem label="Pin:" fontWeight="bold">
      <mx:TextInput width="122" displayAsPassword="true" editable="true" enabled="true" id="txtPassword"/>
      <mx:FormItem x="45" y="40">
      <mx:Button x="50.5" y="41" label="Continue" id="btnSignIn" buttonDown="srvSignIn.send();"/>