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    Bind HTTPService result

    john.VJ Level 1

      I am using HTTPService(say id="sampleHTTP") for loading xml. My xml looks like this.

      <wsdl_endpoint> http://localhost/sample.asmx?WSDL</wsdl_endpoint>

      In the result event I am giving an alert for the data from the xml(sampleHTTP.lastResult.node.wsdl_endpoint), itz showing the correct path. When I tried to bind this path for a Web Service,

      <mx:WebService wsdl="{sampleHTTP.lastResult.node.wsdl_endpoint}"........./>

      the result for web service is not triggered.

      Please help....
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          chris.huston.t10 Level 3
          Since you are binding to a WebService, I believe you need to make a call to the loadWSDL() method in order to download the Web Service data. One thing you could do is to put this call in the result event function for your HTTPService. That way as soon as the xml is loaded with the path, it will call your WebService to get the document.