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    Images displaying REALLY red on laptop compared to Desktop


      Howdy folks,

      Recently purchased a new Acer laptop with an IPS display for photoediting while on the road. I've been using a Dell U24 (Also IPS display) with my desktop settup for years. After running both through an auto-correction with my Spyder 3 Pro (in the same exact environment, light outside, etc), I've noticed that, when switching from the desktop to the laptop, my photos are comparatively VERY red.


      I'll be editing on my desktop set up, switch over to laptop in similar lighting environment, and my skin tones are showing up as SILLY red. And I'm viewing these images entirely in Lightroom. The Catalog is being synced using Dropbox, so I'm definitely looking at the same edits.


      Any thoughts on why this might be? Should I just run the laptop through the Spyder color-correction routine again? It's very frustrating paying for an IPS display and running it through a color correction set up only to find it looks VERY different from my desktop set up.