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    Lightroom CC 2015.1.1 slow


      I'm running the latest (just updated 10 minutes ago) LR CC. It is slow to work with, I waste at least an hour a day waiting for my computer to do things after clicking, I've been dealing with this for 2+ years at this point, have DUMPED thousands of dollars into new hardware, spend hours and hours and hours rebuilding catalogs, testing hardware, software, etc.


      Adobe, can I send you money (more than the money I already waste on your software and now cloud subscription) to fix this for me?


      I came to adobe.com thinking I could pay for some kind of premium support for your software only to see that my only "option" (guess what? It isn't an OPTION when there's only one "choice") for support is a forum. Please, can I give you money to fix your software on my computer? Please?


      No? Didn't think so... so I'll post this in the forum here in case anyone has any suggestions for me...


      LR CC 2015.1.1 on a Mac, OSX 10.10.4. iMac Retina 5K, 4GHz i7, 32GB Ram, AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4096 MB Memory card.

      My HDDs are in a RAID 5 Thunderbolt enclosure that shows ~600 MB/Sec read/write performance from a number of "seed test" tools.

      I close everything I can on my Mac, run ONLY Lightroom and it is laughable slow. Nothing else on my computer hesitates for half a second. It flies, for everything EXCEPT Lightroom.


      I have paused "Face Detection".

      "Use Graphics Processor" is enabled but disabling it doesn't' change anything.


      My catalog has just under 250,000 images in it. I've tried using smaller catalogs, it doesn't help at all.

      I have a 118 GB Preview Cache, Standard Preview Size: 2880 pixels, Preview Quality High, Auto Discard 1:1 Previews: Never.

      1:1 previews are built (and I have rebuilt all of them - did it help? no. did it waste a ton of my time? yep.)


      What do I mean by "slow"? It is apparent in 2 modules (the only 2 I use... Library and Develop):


      1) Library module... click on a folder, which is setup to show a grid of about 10x15 photos, I am greeted by 150 gray boxes. nice. ok, wait for a minute, just when you are about to give up, they slowly start to populate with fuzzy images, then they get clearer, then they get clear. Scroll up or down, wait another minute, they slowly start to populate just like the first batch. Double-click on a picture "Loading..." for about 3 seconds. Click "left" or "right" for the next picture "Loading..." for 3, 5 seconds? Longer. This is a fantastic way to spend a day!


      2) Develop module (after I spent 15 minutes finding the pictures I want to edit... see #1), I'll crop my first image. When I say "crop my first image" what I mean is, I click the crop tool, click on my image, drag the box, wait 2-3 seconds for the tool to reflect the fact that I dragged my curser, apply the crop, wait 1-2 seconds for that to take effect, okay image 1 cropped. Now, click on image 2, wait 4-5 seconds for it to load, go through the same crap waiting on the crop tool, click on image 3, wait 4-5 seconds for it to load, etc. Now, go back to image 1, add a gradient, wait 2-3 seconds before I actually see anything applied, click on image 2, wait 4-5 seconds, etc., etc., etc., etc.


      If you can't tell... this is frustrating. VERY frustrating. I'm so sick of dealing with this, can anyone help? Please? Will money help? Anything?


      Let me know if anyone who might be able to help needs any more information about my catalog, computer, etc.


      Thanks in advance!!