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    What is Indesign Server?

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      Hi All,


      We developed Javascript for the Indesign Document Cleanup with around 10 GREP Points.

      This should be working fine in our end.


      FYI., very new to Indesign Server


      Customer request is move this script to Indesign Server.



      1. What is Indesign Server?

      2. What is difference between Local System Javascript and Indesign Server

      3. Advantages or Disadvantages of using Indesign Server

      4. How we move local script to Indesign Server

      5. How to download and install(any link)


      Thanks in Advance


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          Think of InDesign Server as a headless version of InDesign. It can do pretty much anything that InDesign can do when you feed it the right files and commands. So  you can take an .idml file and send it to the server with custom content, images, etc and return a print ready pdf or other files and render them on a website, etc. It's pretty powerful and works great.


          You can also have multiple versions of InDesign Server running and all behind a LBQ (Load Balance Queue) so that it can process hundreds of documents at the same time.


          HTH some!