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    The name "ex##.tga" is in use by another output module. Please choose another.

    berzins Level 1

      There are several situations, when i actually need the same output module name for render parts in render queue.


      The first one, the more usual one :

      I have rendered out my composition to image sequence (i do it usually, because of avoiding lose render in case of system down in the middle of the render process). Image sequence consists from 7500 frames, e.x.

      And now i need to make changes. I should render out parts with frame numbers 100-200, 800-1100, 2000-3500, 4000-4040, 4500-4525, ... lots and lots more, and for e.x. i need to correct frames 221, 335, 759, 3676, and about 10 frames more. I don't want to have previous versions, because they are incorrect, i just need overwrite them with the new ones. I do all the work in the Composition in the parts where changes are needed, and i try to set render queue using custom Time Span for each part.


      And what a shame ... i can't set it up, because of output names should be different. They cannot be the same, even those are image sequences with different numbers.


      Hmm. I remember, i think so, it was possible somehow in previous versions. No?


      Is there another way, how to render just parts of image sequence without getting a mess in a destination folder? (Render with different names to different folders and replacing items after them using finder or automator or some third party software, IS NOT solution.)