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    Lightroom Desktop not syncing with Lightroom mobile


      I am a Creative Cloud user (student)


      I have a problem with sync from lightroom mobile to lightroom desktop (windows)

      Have done this steps to test:

      1. in Lightroom desktop preferences>Lightroom Mobile>”Delete All Data”
      2. Stop Lightroom desktop and delete the sync.lrdata folder
      3. start lightroom mobile on my iPone and created one collection
        put one picture in the collection
      4. Restart Lightroom and Start Lightroom mobile sync
      5. I see that Lightroom desktop create a folder in “Van Lr mobile” with the name of the collection “18/08/15 10:21:21”
      6. I see the message “1 foto syncroniseren” but i don’t receive the picture in the map.
      7. the message “1 foto syncroniseren” stay on top of the screen.
      8. When i stop lightroom, there is a warning “Syncronisatie wordt uitgevoerd”
      9. I see the collection on lightroom.adobe.com